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What we do

Seed Creative generates effective website design, print design, motion graphics and branding solutions, that will help your business grow, and attract and engage your target audience.
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Creative design

Seed Creative doesn't just "do" design. We look at a requirement from various perspectives before generating designs that give you the right results.

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Brand design

From small startups to large multinationals, Seed Creative has developed brand identities and design solutions that are both powerful and unique.

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Explainer animations

Need to encapsulate what a product or service is in a nutshell? Then an explainer animation could be just the thing. They are watchable, memorable and sharable.

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Responsive web design

We have been designing for digital since the beginning of the web, and can help your business grow by designing a beautiful, responsive website that works for all devices.

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Print design

Seed Creative combines its generative idea process with meticulous attention to detail to produce highly effective print design, including brochures, ads, posters and stationery.

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Motion graphics

Motion graphics are a great way to make your point with impact and style. We create story-boards based on your message and animate them to maximum effect.

Who we are

Think of Seed as an expert gardener, cultivating creativity for fresh ideas to inspire your target market and invigorate business.

Seed Creative is a design agency based in Hampshire in the UK, but with clients across the world. Our team have been creating solutions for growing businesses since the early days of the internet, and know a thing or two about how to develop the right creative to get the right result.

We listen, discover and learn - about your brand, your target audience, your environment, your ambitions. Then it's time to think. To plant the seed and let it germinate. To allow ideas to grow - creative outputs, alternatives and iterations that we test and share. We thin these out until only the strong survive.

Seed has created corporate identities from the smallest local startups to large multinationals.


Relax. The combination of Seed's reliability and creative expertise means your project is in reassuringly safe hands.

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"The whole idea of life is to grow"

Varun Arora


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