The Tiyeni Fund

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Project Description

The Tiyeni Fund works to help rural communities in Malawi by demonstrating good farming practices to prevent devastating soil erosion and encourage better crop yields. Wasteful use of land, loss of trees and heavy rain damage leads to poor soil and poor crops and lack of food. Tiyeni encourages simple farming improvements which can turn this around and help villagers to be self sufficient.

The identity represents the high yield maize crop which is grown "for the people by the people". The colour used represents the green part of the Malawan flag which symbolises nature.

Tiyeni means "let's go!" and the ultimate aim is to replace the need for handouts of food and fertilizer in rural districts by fostering communities and enabling them to support themselves.

Tiyeni's work combines

  • Teaching how to grow food crops successfully
  • Supporting orphan groups
  • Helping students through school and college


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